Combining machine learning and expert knowledge to generate
Global Macro Intelligence
Micro Trends, Macro Events and Global Market Risks.


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Astrocyte's meticulous analytical approach to real-time market dynamics helps me confirm or disprove trade ideas and has become an indispensable element of my investment process.

Principal, Fixed Income Relative Value Hedge Fund

Market Intelligence Products

‘Connect-the-dots’ between global economic releases. Get previews, forecasts and release alerts for global economic indicators. For professional investors who need:
  • Better forecasts and risk analysis to anticipate the market’s reaction to new data
  • Alerts to interesting new sub-trends that drive deeper sector and company-level trades
This bottoms-up machine driven approach saves you time and gives you objective and interesting alerts without the ‘group-think’ of main-stream strategists and economists.
Breakpoints and Risks
Correlations change and factors shift

A next-generation regime-detection algorithm that is much more than ‘risk-on’ and ‘risk-off’. Get access to the forecasts, new risk-factors and tools to assess when and why markets changed.

API Access
Secure API

Run a quantitative strategy or have custom trading tools and need API access to our forecasts, alerts and factors?

Intelligence as a Service

Connecting millions of measurements and documents in the global economy and using the latest machine learning algorithms to predict how shocks move through the global financial system.

Market Drivers Change

Markets constantly evolve and assumption change. We keep on top of all pertinent information and alert you to when new shocks to interest rates, weather, strikes, food prices and others start affecting prices.

Correlations Break

Active Central Banks and Geo-political risks shift correlations in an instant. Be alerted when and where these changes occur.

Rich and Accurate Forecasts

By utilizing higher resolution data sources and adaptive algorithms, we tease out the subtle factors driving regional, national and global trends.


Every day, the models evolve and forecasts improve as new data becomes available. This bottoms-up approach to economic data protects investors from missing new trading ideas and emerging themes.

Saves Time

Receive customized alerts that are tuned to the markets and sectors most relevant to you. The alerts signal out new trends, risks and interesting new correlations.

Forward Looking

Visualize and track how today's economic data surprises will affect markets and other data in the future.


  • Testimonial

    Sean Kruzel


    About Sean Kruzel

    Founded Astrocyte Research to better address the intelligence and forecasting needs of professional investors.  

    He is a former Quantitative Global Macro Portfolio Manager and graduated from MIT in 2008 with Mathematics and Economics Degrees.

    Since the financial crisis he has developed novel forecasting methods to predict economic data, track central bank views and structure options portfolios while at JPMorgan Asset Management and two global macro hedge funds.

    When he’s not investing or programming, he’s probably sharpening his skis to get ready for the next icy, New England snowstorm.

  • Testimonial

    Ani Banerjee

    External Advisor

    About Ani Banerjee

    Ani Banerjee is an investment professional and dreamer with 13 years of eclectic experience in investment banking and financial markets and is responsible for evangelizing the Astrocyte business model outside of the United States and leading strategic direction with the Founding Partner, Sean Kruzel.

    Prior to his recent role at BlackRock, Ani was a Partner at Cheyne Capital Management in London, and an investment professional at Citigroup. Holding a Master’s degree from a Grande Ecole in Rouen, France Ani has also received advanced training in economics, applied valuation and business economics from the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford.

    On the advisory board of several technology start-ups, Ani has a contagious, tireless passion for helping them with the oxygen they need to become great businesses.

  • Testimonial

    Richard Mallah

    External Advisor

    About Richard Mallah

    Richard is Director of AI Projects at the Future of Life Institute, where he works to support the development of robust, interpretable advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning via research, metaresearch, analysis, research organization, and advocacy. The Institute regularly collaborates with organizations like OpenAI and DeepMind.

    Richard is also Director of Advanced Analytics at Cambridge Semantics, Inc., where he heads R&D in AI including knowledge representation, computational linguistics, deep learning, graph analytics, conceptual middleware, and automated systems generation. At Cambridge Semantics, Mr. Mallah led creation of the currently highest-rated enterprise text analytics platform according to Forrester.

    Richard previously developed the private fund MarketGrip, an algorithmic currency trading concern that used discriminative and generative machine learning techniques including genetic programming, neural networks, and regression clusters. He also led product management and development management for enterprise risk management systems for BlackRock and credit risk management and research management systems in BlackRock Solutions’ Aladdin team.

No man is better than a machine, and no machine is better than a man with a machine

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